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The VESTA shampoo

The VESTA Shampoo by Elixoo cleanses and strengthens, among other things, thanks to rosemary oil. It stimulates hair growth and provides a balanced scalp. In this Elixoo cosmetic product we also find supernatural minerals from meteorite extract (meteorite powder from stone meteorites) and the highly effective cannabis extract, cannabidiol (CBD oil).

How would you feel about something “unearthly and supernatural” for your hair? The ELIXOO USA - America VESTA Shampoo contains universal power, vibrations and frequencies from the universe through the meteorite powder contained in the VESTA Shampoo.

The wonderful lavender oil that we find in Elixoo VESTA shampoo has an anti-oxidative effect, the rich pomegranate seed oil nourishes with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, also the cannabis extract (CBD) helps with dryness , stimulates hair strength and provides splendid hair.

Experience the energies and vibrations from distant galaxies down to the tips of your hair!
The Elixoo shampoo - the VESTA shampoo, is just like everything from Elixoo "out of this world ..."

ELIXOO USA - America - The Elixir of the Universe!

With extraterrestrial, terrestrial power and with cosmic minerals, only the best for your body and mind.

New every day, with the universal products of Elixoo cosmetics.


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