Buy DIONE - Body Lotion from ELIXOO USA - America

The DIONE body lotion

DIONE - the energizing body lotion from ELIXOO, with extraordinary meteorite extract (meteorite powder from stone meteorites), shea butter, hyaluronan, coconut oil for unique moisturizing effects, sea buckthorn oil, cannabis extract, cannabidiol (CBD oil) and allantoin.

The DIONE Body Lotion from ELIXOO USA - America is equipped with the unique meteorite extract, the meteorite powder, which provide the DIONE Body with cosmic minerals and frequencies from the universe. It also contains the highly effective cannabis extract cannabidiol (CBD), which also unfolds its outstanding properties in the Elixoo DIONE Body Lotion.

The DIONE Body Lotion activates cell regeneration, accelerates the refreshment of the skin and gives your skin exceptional moisture.

DIONE Body Lotion, for sustainable and visibly better skin with a hint of Ylang Ylang!

ELIXOO USA - America - The Elixir of the Universe!
With extraterrestrial, terrestrial power and cosmic minerals, only the best for your body and mind.
New every day, with the universal products of Elixoo cosmetics.


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