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The DEIMOS day cream

The ELIXOO - DEIMOS day cream is a very nourishing, protective and anti-oxidative day cream made from the Elixoo meteorite powder from stone meteorites thanks to the unique meteorite extract and its universal vibrations from space with supernatural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon. The Elixoo Deimos has a very high proportion of meteorites. The rich shea butter and the cannabis extract full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD oil) actively help the skin to "awaken to new life" in the morning.

The DEIMOS day cream from ELIXOO USA - America helps healthy cells to regenerate and, through the combination of its unique ingredients, protects the cells from free radicals. The effective sea buckthorn oil used in Deimos cream smoothes the skin, the wonderful shea butter provides the skin with rich moisture, and the special pomegranate seed extract boosts the cell metabolism with iron, biotin and B vitamins, among other things.

In combination with the cannabis extract, the full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD oil) and the Elixoo meteorite extract, which is also found in the DEIMOS day cream, contains nourishing omega-3, omega-6 fatty acids, aloe vera and linoleic acid as a ceramide component that promotes restoration and regeneration of the skin barrier.

The rich evening primrose oil in the Elixoo DEIMOS day cream nourishes the skin with omega 6 fatty acids.
Start the morning with new energy and universal frequencies from distant galaxies!

ELIXOO USA - America - The Elixir of the Universe!
With extraterrestrial and terrestrial power and cosmic minerals, only the best for your body and mind.
New every day, with the universal products of Elixoo cosmetics.


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