ELIXOO CALLISTO frequency spray

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The CALLISTO frequency spray

In addition to the full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD oil), the Callisto Frequency Spray also contains extremely rare meteorite extract (meteorite powder made from stone meteorites).
The Callisto Spray is therefore unique with its liquid (dissolved form) meteorite powder made from stone meteorites with the purest minerals "from space".

The Callisto Frequency Spray from ELIXOO USA - America!
A spray with “extraterrestrial power” for your body and your mind.

The vibrations and cosmic minerals from the universe, supply your body and mind with positive energies and with unearthly frequencies from the cosmos that contain universal vibrations out of this world.

The Elixoo Callisto Spray – also contains valuable cannabis extract, the full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD oil), which is not only rich in phenols, vitamins, minerals and with the nourishing omega-3 , omega-6 fatty acids (essential fatty acids) and gamma - Linoleic acid as a ceramide component that promotes the restoration and regeneration of the skin barrier, but it also contains many subtle holistic components.

The Callisto Frequency Spray not only contains cosmic ingredients but also many exquisite earthly ingredients such as skin-tightening lavender oil and the regenerating pomegranate seed oil. As well as vitamins A and E, that have an effective anti-aging effect combined with oligo-hyaluronic acid, the anti-wrinkle effect which has been proven in various studies. Collagen booster, antioxidant, anti-aging, cell stimulation and maximum moisture.

The Callisto Spray is the shooting star of Elixoo USA - America!

The Callisto Spray with its terrestrial and extraterrestrial frequencies nourishes, energizes, protects and improves the ability of the skin to absorb these rich and special active ingredients better and, especially, more effectively.

ELIXOO USA - America - The Elixir of the Universe!
With extraterrestrial and terrestrial power and cosmic minerals, only the best for your body and mind.
New every day, with the universal products of Elixoo cosmetics.


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