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The Elixoo products - ELIXOO - the "Elixir from the Universe" for USA - America
Unique minerals and stone meteorites frequencies straight from the universe


These space meteorites have been traveling through space for 4-5 million years to meet YOU personally in the form of our cosmic cosmetics for America - USA!

For the first time in the history of the cosmetic industry, Elixoo products uses meteorites from the universe together with valuable cannabis extract, the cannabidiol (CBD).

Stone meteorites contain some of the oldest  minerals and elements from our solar system. These are processed with the help of an ancient alchemical process found in the ELIXOO cosmetics series for USA - America.

Due to the elaborate alchemical processing that Elixoo uses, it has not only been possible to use the extremely high-quality and unique energy-containing mineral meteorite powder, but also a liquid tincture ( universe´s elixir) made of stone meteorites for Elixoo´s cosmetic products.

ELIXOO USA - America - Cosmetics for the body and the mind!

ELIXOO products with cosmic meteorites & the purest of CBD oils

ELIXOO is not only "new and unique", but it also offers YOU
a unique business opportunity for America - USA.
- The Elixoo Marketing and its REMUNERATION SYSTEM! -

The ELIXOO business model America - USA - a unique MARKETING & REMUNERATION SYSTEM!

Be a part of our ELIXOO UNIVERSE!
„GROW beyond yourself with us."
YOU become the best version of yourself!


ELIXOO products, cosmetics and CBD. Buy ELIXOO

Many healers in this world believe that meteorites are gifts from other worlds.
They use them for their living, outer worldly energy. Healers also associate meteorites with bringing order to a chaotic situation.

They are used to break old habits and heal phobias, to promote spiritual growth, improve psychic abilities and to connect with beings from other worlds.


Over the years, the body starts producing less silicon and also loses the ability to absorb calcium.
As a result, the skin gets thinner and thinner with age, it loses firmness and moisture, the cell cohesion is weakened. The result: wrinkles appear.

The silicon contained in the Elixoo meteorite extract supports the immune system and the formation of collagen and elastin.
These substances are key for soft and elastic skin.
The Elixoo meteorite extract is particularly suitable for anti-aging care.

Through its combination of calcium, iron and magnesium as well as silicon, the active ingredient supports the skin in the following important processes: The cell cohesion and the correct arrangement is restored, the epidermis is thickened and restructured, sagging skin is combated.
It also helps in the development of keratinocytes (horn-forming cells), which keep foreign bodies and germs away while protecting them from drying out.

Stone meteorites (meteor stones) consist mainly of silicates; on average they contain  42% oxygen, 20.6% silicon, 15.8% magnesium and 15.6% iron.

The first Elixoo test customers are overwhelmed by the energy of the Elixoo products and the positive effects that come with it ...

ELIXOO Cosmetics America - USA - SUPERNATURAL with POWER from the UNIVERSE!

ELIXOO USA - America, ELIXOO Partner Frank Ginter

Your ELIXOO partner - Frank Ginter

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